The Hot Shots are more than just a sports team, we are a family! We laugh together, grow together, learn together, cry together, and support each other as a family would. We participate in so many activities outside of soccer. That is what makes the Hot Shots unique. We visit each other when a team member is hospitalized.

We participate in summer cookouts, we rally together to help build a ramp for a member in need, and we have Christmas parties!

We have recently began a regular “game night” activity for members and their families to play and get to know each other better. We also try to enjoy each other’s company after games with a group dinner or pizza party!

This is what the Hot Shots is all about. We may not win every game. Some days we may not win any games, but we stand strong as a team! We are a growing team, with multiple young members, but even though we have improvements to make, we still are performing better this year than our previous seasons. When a team becomes a family it shows on the court. We work together to strengthen those bonds, and with that it strengthens our team!

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