This weekend the Hot Shots Power Soccer Team participated in the USPSA- United States Power Soccer Association MK Battery Conference Cup Series Tournament at Turnstone Center for Adults and Children with Disabilities Plassman Athletic Center. We played six games total, lost five and tied one. We ended up 11th out of 11 teams in our division. Many teams would be disappointed and see this as failure, but not the Hot Shots! Regardless of the outcome of the games, the Hot Shots kept up their team spirit because it’s not always just about winning. It’s about learning, growing, improving skills, meeting new friends, and most importantly having fun as a team!

The Hot Shots are a diverse team of four adults and and four children: ages eight, 10, and 13. It was two of our children’s first year playing competitive wheelchair soccer, and the other two only started playing mid season last year. Our oldest player, age 36, started playing this sport only 14 months ago. So, we are a team that is just now learning to play together. We are a team with young kids currently learning the basic fundamentals of the game. We are a team with no corporate sponsorship, and many of our players are using decades old outdated equipment compared to our rivals who almost all had Strike Force wheelchairs from Power Soccer Shop. This young team faced teams that had played together for years, and had older players who had been playing the sport for many years. You would think that this would discourage the young Hot Shots players, but we have one thing that keeps us going strong: Heart!

This was a season of growing. We grew our team from five players to eight, we grew in our skills on the court, and we grew closer as a family! From the beginning of the season to the end of Nationals, we saw improvement in all of our players. We saw better ball control, better understanding of the game, and better playing skills all around. We are proud of our team’s accomplishments throughout the season! Even with outdated equipment, we saw courage in our players to go up against better, faster, more experienced players with Strike Force wheelchairs without hesitation!

We felt the love from our family and friends who support us!

We were encouraged by old friends and new friends from other teams that we’ve met along our journey!

We learned throughout our season that no matter the outcome of the game, we will always keep our team spirit. We will continue to grow and improve our skills, we will continue to support each other, and we will continue to enjoy the game we love, regardless of the score. As our young ones grow and improve, and we obtain better equipment for our players, our team will come together to become a winning team in the future. We will continue to be a sports family that supports each other, helps each other grow, and continues to congratulate our friends on their successes as well.

Hot Shots Team! Front left to right: “Little” Luke #25, Lizzie #1
Back left to right: Devon #24, Drew #10, Shelby #26, Zach #18, Marie #5, “Big” Luke #6 with Kenji
Coach Angie Chafee and Assistant Coach Mike Harman

We can’t forget to thank the referees who worked tirelessly throughout the tournament through multiple overtime games going on to sudden death, or “Golden Goal” situations! Some hard fought games were played with many ending with a golden goal, as well as a record breaking game lasting 125 minutes between the Chippewa Valley Hooligans and Arizona Heat! We couldn’t do this without our dedicated referees, and we thank you!

(All referee photos taken by Scott Goodman, and can be found on USPSA Facebook)

Congratulations to our new friends Ability 360 on your Founders Division win, and congratulations to our old friends, the San Jose Flash, on their second cup championship win in a row in the Presidents Division! Congratulations to our friends from Atlanta Sting (with our friend and former Hot Shots player Zach Dickey) on your win in the Champions Division, and to our friends on Minnesota Shockwave on your Premier Cup win! Congratulations to the runner ups and third place winners of each division as well. All were tough, well fought games. All the winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) should all be proud of their performances!

The Hot Shots will be back next season with one more year of experience under our belt working as a team. We are optimistic that our performance will improve, but regardless the outcome, we will never lose our team spirit! We look forward to seeing all of the new friends we’ve made, as well as our old friends, and meeting even more next year. Until next season!

The Hot Shots were recently featured in the IndyStar Newspaper! To read the article and learn more about the importance of this sport for our players, as well as the importance of raising funds to continue to allow the Hot Shots to compete click HERE, or on the picture below.

If you wish to help the Hot Shots toward their goal of providing updated Strike Force wheelchairs to our players, or to help provide support through funding for next season’s expenses, there are many ways you can donate. All donations are tax deductibe throug our 501(c)(3), and you will receive an electronic tax deductible receipt for donations through GoFundMe or PayPal Giving Fund.

You can donate through our Nonprofit GoFundMe Campain by clicking HERE.

You can donate directly to our Nonprofit PayPal Giving Fund Account by clicking HERE, or to find our more about the Hot Shots and donate directly through our website click HERE.

Hot Shots Power Soccer Inc. is a Gold Level participant through Guidestar. You can read more information regarding our team and our nonprofit information, as well as donate directly through Guidestar by clicking HERE.

If you are interested in providing Corporate Sponsorship to the Hot Shots, please contact Marie Harman at 317-503-8653 or at

Thank you to all of our supporters who have donated! Special thanks to our practice gym sponsors Shenandoah Elementary School and St. Michael Catholic Church and School, and to our photographer David Arnold through Loft 58 Photography for supporting us by providing our team photo, banners, game photos of all the teams, and parent spirit buttons all free of charge!

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