Please Consider Donating to Our Non-Profit GoFundMe Campaign to Help Raise Funds for Next Season!

Please help the Hot Shots reach our goal of funding our team for our next season. Read why this is such an important cause to which to donate. See our GoFundMe account or go straight to our PayPal Giving Fund Account from this post.

Why Fundraising is Critical for Power Wheelchair Soccer Teams

We fundraise so we can continue to provide a sport for power wheelchair users. We fundraise so we can continue to help mold our young players into confident athletes and individuals. We fundraise so we can provide a sport for disabled athletes to be able to play sports just like their able-bodied peers.

#100outof100: Let’s Show Our Young Players That People With Disabilities CAN Have Successful Relationships

In an episode regarding inter-abled relationships, Dr. Phil stated that “100 out of 100 relationships that involve caregiving fail.” We are here to prove him wrong, and to give hope to all our young Power Soccer athletes that successful relationships with disabilities are possible, inter-abled or not.

Hot Shots Multi-Family, Community Rummage Sale

The Hot Shots are hosting a Multi-Family, Community Rummage Sale on April 27th from 8am-2pm at the Community Building in Sulphur Springs, IN located at 203 N. Mulberry St. Sulpher Springs, Indiana. Mulberry street is located right across the street from the fire station off S.R. 36. We will have a multitude of items including … Continue reading Hot Shots Multi-Family, Community Rummage Sale